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Terms of Service

Article 1: Subject to Change

Terms are subject to change as the product evolves, circumstances change, and unexpected outcomes occur. In the event that the terms are adjusted, I will be personally responsbile for agreeing to the updated terms of service as-needed. In using any BlogSheriff service without having agreed to the most recent terms, I accept full liability in the event that there is any negative outcome (regardless of cause) and acknowledge that everything will be enforced in accordance to the most recent terms of use. I understand that new terms will be sent via email and it is my responsibility to respond to this email within a reasonable (as determined by BlogSheriff) timeframe with all necessary actions.

Article 2: Ownership of IP

I understand that I am not acquiring ownership of any form in using this system. All functionality, design, intellectual property, data, etc. will be owned by BlogSheriff. Any code installed on or integrated with my blog is not owned by me, nor is anything produced by this code or BlogSheriff's systems.

Article 3: What Your Buying

I understand that I am purchasing the right to use some or all BlogSheriff's software on my blog. The exact scope of use is subject to change and is to be determined by BlogSheriff based on the package purchased and the current cirucmstances. I understand that both of these are subject to change over time and that I am not entitled to any specific functionality, service, or design. I understand that the software, design, and services are subject to change at any time to any degree without notice.

I understand that there may by reasons the software is not delivering value or is not 100% functional (whether this is due to bugs, updates, failure to correctly install, incompatibility, or any other cause from either party) and that it is my responsibility to bring the issue to BlogSheriff's attention. I also agree that, due to scenarios of this nature, I am not entitled to 100% uptime and that there are an unlimited number of reasons that BlogSheriff may not be working as intended. In this event, it is my responsibility to reach out to BlogSheriff for more information and I acknowledge that I am not purchasing a product with the expectation that these issues cannot or will not occur.

Article 4: Acceptable & Restricted Usage

I agree to only use BlogSheriff and it's software as it was intended by the creators. I will not in any way attempt to modify the systems without permission, reverse engineer any systems, or attempt to access any data that is not already directly provided to me by BlogSheriff's UI. I will not attempt to use BlogSheriff in any way aside from the uses clearly defined by BlogSheriff and it's creators. In the event of confusion or ambiguity, I understand that I am expected to reach out to BlogSheriff's support team for clarification on what is considered acceptable use.

I understand that I am expected to keep all BlogSheriff software up-to-date and will not ignore or fail to update the software any time an update is available.

Article 5: Liability

I accept that BlogSheriff will not be liable for any negative result (both direct or indirect) caused by or related to its software, systems, employees, databases, or any other form of action or communication (either directly to me, to a third party, or in a public setting). This includes bugs, lost data, data leaks, email issues, and any other form of negative outcome or issue. I accept unlimited responsibility in the event that any negative outcome does occur.

Article 6: Payment

I understand that every payment is expected at or before the billing date, that any cost is subject to change, and that if payment is late that my account is subject to any consequences deemed appropriate by BlogSheriff. In the event that an Invoice is not sent or that there is any issue with a recurring payment (regardless of the source), I accept the responsibility to locate and resolve this issue and understand that it does not affect any consequences due to lack of payment. In the event that there are billing errors, such as overbilling, I accept the responsibility to locate and address this issue within a reasonable timeframe (30-60 days of any affected payments).

In the event that I exceed the limits of my package, I understand that additional charges may occur and accept complete responsibility for covering these charges in their full amount within the timeframe that they are due. If there is any uncertainty about how these charges work, when they may occur, the amount they may be, or if there is any other form of uncertainty or ambiguity, I accept complete responsibility to resolve this confusion directly with BlogSheriff. I agree that the failure to address any uncertainty does not in any way shield me from excess charges.

Article 7: Cancellation & Refunds

I understand that BlogSheriff retains the right to cancel my account and revoke its services at any time and for any reason. In the event that cancellation occurs, I understand that they retain ownership of any resources and/or data collected. If for any reason I fail to remove BlogSheriff's plugin from my blog, I understand that any and all data collected after the cancellation will be owned exclusively by BlogSheriff in perpetuity.

In the event that a refund is requested, I understand that BlogSheriff retains the right to decide whether or not a refund is appropriate and has sole discretion as to whether a refund (full or partial) will be granted. If I request a cancellation, I understand that this does not guarantee a refund in any form. I understand that BlogSheriff retains the right to limit my ability to request and receive refunds in the event they deem that my behavior violates what they consider acceptable behavior.

Article 8: Product Subject to Change

I understand that all functionality, design, cost, add-ons, fees, services, etc. are subject to change in any way without notice.

Article 9: Data & Privacy

I agree to allow BlogSheriff to collect any data from and about my blog as well as anything related to it and the people involved with it (including but not limited to: it's subscribers, traffic, traffic behavior, blog posts, emails, metadata of any kind, admin behavior, marketing/sales practices, behavior outside the scope of the blog itself such as Social Media, marketing, internet usage/behavior, behavior in the physical world, interests, etc.). I agree to allow BlogSheriff to own all data collected in perpetuity and allow them the right to use this data in any manner they choose. If I have any concerns about data being collected, I will reach out directly to BlogSheriff for information and a mutually satisfactory resolution before involving any other party.

Article 10: Bugs, Downtime, Server Issues, & Lost Data

I agree that bugs, downtime, server issues, data issues (such as vulnerabilities), data loss, or any other form of issue can occur at any time for any reason and that BlogSheriff will not be responsible for any form of negative outcome regardless of the cause. I personally accept full responsibility for all negative outcomes as a result of using this service. I understand that there is no guaranteed amount of time that the software will be functional and that I am solely responsible for any direct cost or opportunity cost when there are any issues of any kind.

Article 11: Account Security

I agree that in the event my account is compromised for any reason that I accept full liability for any and all undesirable outcomes irrespective of scope, including but not limited to sensitive data being compromised, unwanted actions performed, or any negative outcome that allows any form of unwanted result to occur within this system (BlogSheriff) or any external systems (including the physical world).

I agree to bring any suspicious behavior to the attention of BlogSheriff and accept full responsibility for doing so and ensuring it is communicated effectively (in such away that allows immeidate and comprehensive actions to be taken to investigate and resolve the problem). I also understand that this does not ensure any negative outcome is prevented or mitigated.

I understand that access to my account is limited exclusively to me (without exception) and that access to my account from other parties (whether allowed or unallowed) is strictly prohibited. I agree to take considerable measures to ensure my password is as secure as possible (for instance, the password must be stored only in extremely protective encryption and must use best practices widely used for security such as avoiding personal information/associations or common words, and using symbols, capitalization, and numbers in a chaotic sequence). While I may show other's the software, I cannot do so in a way that puts my account or sensitive information at risk (without assuming full liability for any parties affected).

I agree to bear all responsibility (including legal and financial responsibility) in the event that there are any undesirable or costly reprecussions caused by or enabled by my behavior (either intentional or unintentional) such lack of strong security measures with my account, a compromised personal device, or any other circumstance that allows for an unwanted party to perform (or attempt to perform) undesirable or destructive actions that negatively affect (or put at risk) my own account, any other accounts, or any of BlogSheriff's systems (as well as BlogSheriff's personal and professional reputation). I grant BlogSheriff the right to determine what is an appropriate financial or legal consequence for any degree (and form) of risk, liability, or damages. (

Article 12: Enforceability

In the event that there are legal issues or concerns, I accept that BlogSheriff retains the right to enforce this agreement (and all other agreements) in whichever jurisdiction(s) it so chooses. I also agree that I will pursue the resolution of any legal issues through private mediation and that I will maintain absolute confidentiality in the event that legal action is required. In the event that mediation is required, BlogSheriff will assume responsibility for organizing said mediation within a timeframe it deems appropriate. Before pursuing any legal action, I agree to reach out directly to BlogSheriff to clearly articulate any concerns, thoroughly demonstrate their merit via legal precident, and demonstrate with unequivocal evidence that the concern is valid in the specific case that has caused the concern. I agree to spend considerable time and energy compiling these resources and I accept full responsibility to ensure that they (BlogSheriff and the parties they've involved) receive them and have proper time to thoroughly evaluate them (including time to forward the documents to their own legal team/council for thorough review) before attempting to seek a mutually satisfactory resolution through the mediation which BlogSheriff will administer.

I agree to allow BlogSheriff the permanent and unlimited right to enforce all terms, definitions, as well as any policies not made explicit on a case-by-case basis. In addition, I allow the right to enforce these same terms/definitions independently (in both direction and degree) of any other cases of enforcement (both past and future).

I acknowledge that any breach or attempt to breach these terms (whether intentional or untintentional) by myself or others (irrespective of the reason the other person was able to access the acount – be it forgetting to log out, sharing a password, guessing a password, accessing my account via malicious software, or any other method) will permanently forfeit any legal claims I have against BlogSheriff or those involved with BlogSheriff and will also allow BlogSheriff to pursue any form of (and degree of) legal action it deems appropriate. To reiterate: I completely understand that violating any aspect of this agreement permanently terminates my ability to pursue any form legal action against BlogSheriff or those involved within it on any grounds.

In the event that there is conflicting information or conflicting terms, I accept responsibility to reach out to BlogSheriff directly and resolve any form of confusion or ambiguity personally before moving forward. Should I fail to do so, I agree that BlogSheriff will retain the right to enforce whichever of the terms in conflict it so chooses.

Article 13: Conditions for Termination of Agreement

In order to terminate this agreement, I understand that I will need to both (a) cancel my package and remove all BlogSheriff software from my blog permanently, and (b) reach out directly to BlogSheriff with a formal request to terminate the agreement. I understand that BlogSheriff must accept this termination for it to take affect and that they reserve the right to accept or deny these requests for any reason.

Article 14: Force Majeure

In the event of extreme circumstances, I understand that the terms of use may change and grant BlogSheriff the full authority to determine what changes (if any) will occur.

Why Wordpress?

In a Nutshell:

Our service requires installing a WordPress Plugin so that it can integrate with your blog and do the things it needs to do.

Since WordPress is the biggest blogging platform and is the cornerstone of the industry, we decided to start here and build integration here before anywhere else. Since building BlogSheriff involves thousands of hours of coding, we knew that building around one system at first would save us months of time getting to market and would allow us to start refining our product based on cold-hard feedback.

I'm not sure if I'm using WordPress.

No worries, we made this post to help you figure out what your blog runs on.

Can I switch my blog WordPress?

Of course! Depending on what you're using now, it could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Learn how here!

Does a blog hosted on count?

Unfortunately, no. While we'd love to integrate with blogs hosted on, it is not possible for our plugin to run unless you are able to add our plugin. Since our application relies on this plugin component to function, we're unable to support this currently.

Will BlogSheriff support more platforms in the future?

That's the plan! We want to integrate with all platforms to give the chance to grow a profitable blog.

Can I make a request for the next platform?

Absolutely! Contact our support with your request – we read and respond to EVERY email.